Fixed Rate Loan

Since the mortgage rate is locked for the duration of the loan, Fixed Rate Loans allow borrowers to easily predict their monthly mortgage costs. This allows borrowers to easily budget from month to month. Do you enjoy certainty when it comes to your monthly bills? Than a Fixed Rate Loan may be for you.

Fixed Rate Loans are especially attractive to…

  • Borrowers who don’t like surprise mortgage rates each month.
  • Buyers concerned about rising rates.

Loan Features

Fixed rates

The interest rate is fixed for the duration of the loan.

Predictability and easy budgeting

No surprises. You can rest assured your monthly interest payment is the same month to month.

Easily understood

Since the term and payment are fixed, Fixed Rate Loans are relatively easy to understand. No need to research how future rate increases will affect your loan.

Easily compare different lenders

Fixed Rate Loans are straightforward and therefore easy to compare from lender to lender.